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Is a Computer Science Degree Worth It?

Minecraft Assistant dead!

With the much anticipated release of the Minecraft 1.8 update, Minecraft Assistant becomes moot, since you can turn on “Creative Mode” for the server or individual players.

When in “Creative Mode”, pressing “E” brings up a list of all Minecraft objects to use for building whatever you want. Also, pressing “Tab” now shows a list of all players online, so sending the “/list” command is also pointless.

I guess Minecraft Assistant could still be used for setting the time back to zero when it gets nighttime, but that’s pretty easy to do manually. Oh wait, there’s also “F6” and “F7” keys now, which turn time backwards and forwards, respectively. So manually setting the time is no longer necessary either.

Unless I find some very useful reason to update Minecraft Assistant, I’m going to retire it.

Minecraft Assistant released!

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