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Monthly Archives: April 2011

u r giving me ur golds

[1:Jujubeoya] whispers: i am the deliever of trading g with u before, howdy there?^_^
To [1:Jujubeoya]: hi i am no findings you name
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers: huh?
To [1:Jujubeoya]: WHAT YOU SAY.
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers:  can i know if u wanna order some wow money at moment?
To [1:Jujubeoya]: i can has golds from you?
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers: ys
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers: yes
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers:  how much u need
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers: ?
To [1:Jujubeoya]: OVER 9000!
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers: coz im in  the new site now, i can do the better deal than ur last deal. what is ur last deal u got?
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers: i will beat the last time’s price, and delievery will be in 5 mins only this time:P
To [1:Jujubeoya]: i want free gold
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers: sry, no
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers:  if u order some , i  will apply some free g for u ,
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers:  if u donnt wanna order some. sry , bye.
To [1:Jujubeoya]: WHAT YOU SAY.
[1:Jujubeoya] whispers: sry , bye.
To [1:Jujubeoya]: WHAT YOU SAY.

i smell a troll

13:01 < MystKid+> it dont talka bout CTRL-P
13:01 < Ignatius+> MystKid: do “/bind” on its own
13:01 < Ignatius+> for a list of different controls
13:02 < Ignatius+> s/controls/actions/
13:02 < MystKid+> exec -o /bind
13:02 < MystKid+> /bin/sh: /bind: No such file or directory
13:02 < mauke+> wtf?
13:02 < Ignatius+> in irssi
13:02 < mauke+> why are you doing /exec -o?
13:02 < MystKid+> i did
13:02 < Ignatius+> don’t do /exec
13:02 < MystKid+> oh
13:02 < Ignatius+> just /bind on its own
13:03 < MystKid+> bind
13:03 < Adom+> lawl
13:03 < Ignatius+> with the /
13:03 < Adom+> i smell a troll…
13:03 < billnye+> man, this is one dedicated troll to spoof an .it hostname
13:03 < billnye+> ;D

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