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Avoiding Ninjas wallpaper

Installing twirssi on Ubuntu Server

I read a bunch of tutorials on using irssi for Twitter, but some were cryptic at best. Decided to make a quick tutorial.

  1. sudo apt-get install -y irssi # Install irssi
  2. mkdir -P ~/.irssi/scripts # if .irssi and scripts folders don’t exist, create them
  3. wget -O ~/.irssi/scripts/ # Get twirssi script
  4. sudo apt-get install -y libnet-twitter-perl # Install Net::Twitter
  5. sudo apt-get install -y libcrypt-ssleay-perl # Install Crypt::SSealy
  6. irssi # Start irssi
  7. /script load twirssi # Load twirssi script
  8. /twitter_login <your username> # Login to Twitter

Logging in requires some oauth authorization, I forget exactly how to do it but it’s something like /twirssi_oauth, then you copy and paste the url into a browser and enter your twitter credentials, which gives you a confirmation code to put back into twirssi. Read the documentation at the link below for more info.

twirssi usage guide:

Good luck. ^_^

Thanks to Zed and Death4Life in #irssi on Freenode for help getting it going!

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