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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Irssi is a command-line IRC chat program (can be used via SSH!)

Irssi is a linux IRC chat program which can be used via SSH (since its command-line/terminal based).
Here is a nice introduction/tutorial on using Irssi.

I highly recommend reading the guide linked above, but here’s some simple commands I used for installing on Ubuntu (should be able to use yum or whatever on other systems):

  1. ssh # SSH into your server
  2. sudo apt-get install -y irssi # Install irssi
  3. irssi # Test it out
  4. echo “alias irc=’irssi'” >> ~/.bashrc # Create an alias for using IRC (optional)
  5. source ~/.bashrc # Resource the alias
  6. echo “/connect” > ~/.irssi/startup # Add any user-specific startup commands to¬†~/.irssi/startup (optional)

Simple startup notes: To switch between windows/channels use Alt+left and Alt+right. To switch between servers, switch to the server output window and press Ctrl+x.

It’s like using emacs or nano for text editing, because it resides entirely in a command-line/terminal window. So now whenever I feel like using IRC, I just SSH into the server I installed irssi onto and use IRC there. You’ll never need to install IRC on a machine again, just keep it on a server somewhere then SSH in!

Both screenshots were made when I was using Putty within Windows.

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